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Enjoy a Fun Outdoors Trip with a Tidal River Holiday Cottage

The advantage of being the only township inside Wilsons Promontory National Park in Australia definitely has its advantages, and Tidal River enjoys all of them. The town is named for the river that links the area to Norman Beach, and numerous walking tracks that begin here make it the perfect base for discovering the Wilsons Promontory National Park. You can marvel at the scenic beauty of the surrounding granite mountains and spectacular coastline, discover each of the park's attractions, and participate in all the outdoor activities that Wilsons Promontory has to offer. Whether you'd prefer to camp, post up to the caravan site, or rent one of the more comfortable holiday cottages, there are options for all at Tidal River.

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Food & Drink

Dining Out in Tidal River

Mrs. Devo’s Country Kitchen in the Tidal River region delivers what it promises: wholesome dishes that give you the comfort of home-cooked meals, such as fish and chips and fried chicken served with a mountain of fries.

At the Rusty Windmill, you'll find yourself ordering a second helping of mixed vegetable curry with yogurt and apple chutney, trout stack, lasagne, or heavenly scones. The cool music and rustic decor add to the charm of the place, and you can appreciate it while sipping on a milkshake served in a preserves jar.

Moo’s at Meeniyan is the place to stop for delectable cakes and excellent coffee. The burger, however, is the signature dish here. The Local Inverloch, meanwhile, is the hot spot to try the popular "local brekky roll," made with wilted spinach, free range eggs, smoked bacon, and Drury Lane English muffins. It's a breakfast ideal for helping you kick-start the day.

Family Activities

Fun For the Kids in Tidal River

Children will love outings in Wilsons Promontory National Park, which is a popular destination for beach activities, viewing wildlife like emus, echidnas, wombats, and kangaroos, and camping and hiking.

The park also has an outdoor cinema that plays the latest Hollywood releases. You can take a sleeping bag along to get more comfortable. Furthermore, it's likely the only cinema in the world where you might have wombats as fellow audience members!

Fairy Cove, which is among the best-kept secrets of Australia, is a stretch of beach known for its immense beauty. The rock pools here are a major draw for children and the low waves that hit the shore mean that swimming here is relatively safe for kids.

An excursion to Norman Island with the little ones also makes for a great way to spend part of your holidays at Tidal River. The island is a draw for bird watchers, in particular, as numerous seabirds flock to here to breed.

Local Attractions

Explore the Beaches

The Squeaky Beach, as its name suggests, is a picturesque beach where the quartz sand actually makes a squeaking sound under your feet as you walk. The phenomenon attracts plenty of holidaymakers who rediscover their inner child, while jumping and running along the sand, to a soundtrack of squeaking.

Darby Beach, with its huge sand dune on one side and rock formations on another, is a scenic spot that makes for good exploration, in addition to sunbathing or splashing in the water. Here you could be forgiven for thinking you've wound up at a private beach—the Darby Beach area is rather secluded, making an excursion here even more joyful. However, while you are swimming, do watch out for the powerful waves, as they can be strong, with a powerful undertow.

Local Events

Regular Events in Tidal River

The Leongatha Farmers' Market, which is held on the fourth Saturday of every month, is where to enjoy locally grown produce and other fresh food in the Tidal River area. It's also a great spot just for sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee, while listening to live music. Another great farmer's market is the Inverloch Farmers' Market held on every third Sunday of the month. Head here to pick up tasty home-made preserves, local farm produce, and anything else you might need to stock your holiday home's kitchen.

The Kongwak Market that takes place every Sunday, meanwhile, will charm you with its numerous stalls that sell everything from pre-owned housewares, to retro and vintage clothing, to trinkets and jewellery, to books and plants.

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