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Content Guidelines for HomeToGo

1. Introduction

At HomeToGo, we are a dynamic travel platform powered by the invaluable insights of hosts and guests.

We encourage our providers, including both private and professional hosts, to deliver informative, comprehensive, and reliable descriptions for their listings. Additionally, guests are invited to write and share reviews about their stays, enriching our platform with helpful content for future guests. To ensure the high quality, trustworthiness, and integrity of our platform, we have established the following Content Guidelines. 

Note: The content provided by our providers and guests represents their personal opinions and perspectives. Any contributed content is not reflective of HomeToGo 's opinion and is not endorsed by us.

2. Content shared by the provider

2.1 Property descriptions and images 

It is crucial that providers share accurate and lawful information about their properties. Recommended practices:

  • Accuracy and honesty: Providers must share accurate and truthful information about their property. This includes avoiding exaggeration or misleading statements.
  • Intellectual property: Providers should only use images and content that they have the right to use, and that do not infringe any copyright or trademark rights.
  • Good quality images: We encourage providers to use high quality images that accurately represent the property. Low quality, blurry, or misleading photos should be avoided.
  • Privacy concerns: Providers should respect the privacy of their neighbors and guests. It is important not to include any images or information that could compromise privacy.
  • Non-discrimination: Providers should avoid using language or images that are discriminatory towards any individual or group.

3. Content shared by the guest

3.1 Ratings and reviews

  • Honest feedback: Reviews should provide honest and constructive feedback about the stay, including highlighting the positive aspects as well as areas that could be improved upon. Guests should strive for accuracy in their reviews as misleading information could impact both providers and future guests.
  • Relevance to the stay: Reviews should focus on the actual stay and experience at the property. Irrelevant content, such as personal grievances unrelated to the stay, should be avoided.
  • Respectful language: The use of unrespectful and inappropriate language is not permitted. Reviews with offensive or inappropriate language will be deleted.
  • Privacy: Reviews should respect the privacy of providers and other guests. They should not disclose personal data of any parties.
  • Non-discrimination: Reviews should focus on the overall experience rather than personal characteristics of the provider or other guests. Any discriminatory language will not be tolerated.
  • Non-defamation: Reviews should not contain any statement that injures, directly or indirectly any party, including third parties.

3.2 Review deletion policy

Reviews that meet our Content Guidelines will not be edited or removed by the platform. Providers are unable to remove reviews made directly on HomeToGo unless they are non-compliant. A review may only be deleted if:

  • it contains illegal content or any information incompatible with our Terms of Service or these Content Guidelines; or
  • the guest never arrived for their stay, or canceled due to circumstances unrelated to that stay.

4. How to report a concern?

Your cooperation helps maintain a fair and respectful travel platform. If you notice illegal content or information incompatible with our Terms of Service or these Content Guidelines, please inform us. On each property listing page we provide an opportunity for you to share your feedback on content provided by both our providers and guests. Depending on the nature and quantity of the reported issues, we may need to implement restrictions on the usage of our platform. In some cases, suspension of the user’s account may also be necessary.