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Explore 400 offers featured in Broulee - Mossy Point and find a wonderful place for your getaway. By directly analysing these accommodation options, HomeToGo highlights the most economical offers and the most popular properties in Broulee - Mossy Point.

Popular holiday rental amenities in Broulee

  • Kitchen (378)
  • TV (332)
  • Washer (314)
  • Microwave (224)
  • BBQ (202)
  • Garden (183)
  • AC (173)
  • Dishwasher (172)
  • Internet (158)
  • No smoking (151)
  • Parking (149)
  • Pet allowed (137)
In Broulee - Mossy Point, two-thirds of the 400 properties are house rentals, and they represent 72.97% of its available options. Additionally, the average size of house rentals in Broulee - Mossy Point is 183 m², with a median price of $332 per night. Furthermore, these rentals are perfect for large groups, since that's the average number of holidaymakers that house rentals can accommodate in Broulee - Mossy Point. Holidaymakers looking for something else can also compare many apartment rentals, which are the second most popular accommodation type in Broulee - Mossy Point. These properties cost $272 per night, on average, and have an average size of 65 m².

Enjoy a relaxing beach holiday with a Broulee - Mossy Point holiday house

Situated 100km south of the Australian capital, Canberra, Broulee - Mossy Point, in New South Wales, spoils you for accommodation choices. Close to the beaches and Candalagan Creek, Broulee's beautiful beach houses, quaint holiday cottages, and modern apartments make for an ideal family holiday.

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Art & Culture

Art and culture in the Broulee area

The Batemans Bay Visitors Centre Art Gallery, 17km north of Broulee, carries a large selection of local artwork. They hold exhibitions, and all artwork is available for sale. The gallery is open daily.

Closer to Broulee is Mogo, 11km north of town. The Wattlebark Gallery on Sydney Street displays and sells arts and crafts by local artists. Open daily, the gallery in this former mining town enchants artsy visitors with its workshops and community activities.

Local Attractions

Excursion destinations in the Broulee area

The Pink Rocks off Broulee Island are where confident surfers can experience a reef break. The island, joined to Broulee by a sandy spit, also attracts snorkellers. At low tide, you can explore the exposed rock pools. The island walk is suitable for families.

North Broulee Beach makes for a nice place to swim, surf, and fish. If you wish to learn to surf, local surf schools make it easy for you. For small children, Candlagan Creek makes for great paddling and fun with sand.

Local Events

Events in Broulee

The Broulee Bay to Breakers Ocean Swim takes place every March. Starting from Sharks Bay on Broulee Island, the 1.4km swim ends at the Broulee Surf Beach. Even if you don't swim, this fun event makes for an enjoyable day out for the family.

Broulee's Skyblaze takes place every September or October. Your whole family is bound to enjoy the fireworks, dodgem cars, other fun rides, and live entertainment. Entry is free at the St Peter’s College venue on Train Street.

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