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6 wonderful holiday rentals from 7 holiday letting websites can be booked in Ballina with prices beginning at $38 per night. With HomeToGo you can instantly compare the prices of each rental from numerous partner websites to find the best price and save up to 10%.

Popular holiday rental amenities in Ballina

  • Kitchen (8)
  • Internet (7)
  • TV (7)
  • Washer (7)
  • AC (4)
  • Microwave (3)
  • Pet allowed (2)
  • Dishwasher (2)
  • BBQ (2)
  • Cot (2)
  • Pool (1)
  • Fishing (1)

The weather in Ballina

- Rainy days

The above is a climate diagram for Ballina. In January maximum temperatures go higher than 30°. July is the coolest month, with average minimal temperature reaching 6°. The rainiest month is January while the driest month is July.

In Ballina, house rentals are the most common type of accommodation. Interestingly, the average price of house rentals is $450 per night, with an average area of 230 m². Moreover, most house rentals in Ballina can welcome 9 people, which makes Ballina a perfect holiday spot for large groups. Apartment rentals are the other most frequent property type in Ballina. The average size of apartment rentals in Ballina is 230 m², and the average price is $199 per night.


Head to New South Wales's north coast and unearth the beauty of Ballina, the small coastal city bordering the Pacific Ocean. Stay in a scenic Ballina holiday letting overlooking the rolling hills of the hinterland, and be sure to snap a photo next to Ballina's iconic 12-meter giant prawn, one of Australia's big things.

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Food & Drink

Farm-fresh meals at Eltham Valley Pantry

Enjoy a fresh seasonal meal with friends and family at Eltham Valley Pantry. This intimate restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating offers a broad range of breakfast and lunch menu options as well as fresh bakery products cooked on site. Eltham also serves vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Browse the Pantry’s deli cabinet for local meats and artisan cheeses, as well as homemade dips and pickles. Guests are welcome to enjoy their meal inside the cozy farmhouse café or take it to go to be eaten outside at one of the craftily designed picnic tables beneath the shade of the pecan trees. Book a dining experience for you or your loved ones and plan an unforgettable day among the green valleys of the hinterland.

Art & Culture

Discover Ballina’s history at the Ballina Naval & Maritime Museum

Naval enthusiasts can’t miss the captivating tours at the Ballina Naval & Maritime Museum. View the museum’s original centerpiece, the Las Balsas raft, which traveled from Ecuador to Ballina in 1973 only to prove that the journey was possible. This museum is packed with so much memorabilia that guests could spend hours delving into the history that molded Ballina into the city it is today.

Discover the largest collection of naval ships in Australia and see the interactive displays and a functioning steam engine. Learn about the significant role women played in the naval forces, and browse artefacts of electronic warfare dating back to World War II. You can join a guided tour or explore on your own at the museum, which is open seven days a week.

Local Attractions

Outdoor excursions at Ballina Beach

Whether you’re visiting Ballina Lighthouse or strolling along the Ballina Historic Waterfront Trail, you'll have an unforgettable time at Ballina Beach. This carefully guarded expanse of water is the perfect spot for families to spend the day on the sand, with free parking and public restroom facilities.

Discover the history of European settlers and the Aboriginal people of Ballina on the 19 information boards that line the Ballina Historic Waterfront Trail, a 1.5km walk that begins at Fawcett Park and ends at the North Wall. At the trail’s end, set up the camera and view the whales and dolphins as they dance among the waves.

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